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So I am back from a well deserved holiday which was great, a very hot Crete. So now I have to finish my 3 nests of tables and publish them to my Etsy site, Hodge Podge Designs site and Pinterest.

But what to price them at always a dilemma too cheap and I have given them away or too expensive and they won’t sell. They are one-off and took longer than I expected even with my holiday break.

Pictures to follow


Geometric tables

Whoops I’ve done it again, that is I can’t walk past my local charity shop that sells solely furniture. It’s like an Aladins cave to a crafter upcycler like me.

I just popped in yesterday not looking for anything in particular and there tucked away between two chairs were a set of three side tables. Yes they had seen better days but my design brain kicked in and I started to see so many possibilities.

Then my sensible brain said but you all ready have a half-finished project and 4 chairs in the garage. So did I listen to design me or sensible me. Uhm design me they were only £5 for all three and I have a big garage.