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So I am back from a well deserved holiday which was great, a very hot Crete. So now I have to finish my 3 nests of tables and publish them to my Etsy site, Hodge Podge Designs site and Pinterest.

But what to price them at always a dilemma too cheap and I have given them away or too expensive and they won’t sell. They are one-off and took longer than I expected even with my holiday break.

Pictures to follow


Waiting game

Another day of crafting but wait can’t paint until my brushes turn up. Plan B cover my chair covers but wait stupid staple gun broke yesterday. So Plan C need to buy a new one to continue while waiting for brushes.4-Wax-amp-Chalk-Paint-Brushes-Round-Paintbrushes-20-25-30-40mm-shabby-chic-brushes


But wait I have two cushions to cover that don’t need staples or painting hooray I can craft today.

Can’t wait to see end result of the rocking chair and I’m sure my grandson will love being rocked in it.



Finished Pouffe

Hooray I’ve finished my pouffe/ottoman/footstool and I have now put up for sale I think it came out how I wanted it to only time will tell if anyone else likes it like I do.

I delivered my shabby chic rocking chair yesterday and it felt like I was losing part of me must get over this feeling as I am making these to sell not for me.


Let me know if you think this looks good I wont be hurt if it’s not your thing. Now to start my chairs and my nest of tables

Footstool pouffe

So I have made my patchwork material sewn it together with piping, looks so easy on YouTube. Getting better each time I attempt it. Stretched and pulled until it fitted over the top cushion, then realised i did not have the right staples to secure it.

So Ebay – look find and order appropriate staples not here until Tuesday/Wednesday. So back to previous projects I have put aside like a pyjama case/nappy case. Got to keep busy while waiting for my staples.

Thing is can’t stop my brain wandering and thinking about the rag rugs I want to make or the 4 chairs I have in the garage waiting to be upcycled.


Great show as usual

Always seems unreal watching Matt onstage listening to songs I have heard from the beginning evolve into album ready tracks


But now back to reality deciding what my next project will be I have so many ideas going around in my head. I’m thinking of making a footstall so its of to the drawing board will post pictures when it is completed.